Go to the ‘HACK-A-THON’ category in the TU SEC discord server.  There is a channel there called ‘information’ (this is different from the ‘INFORMATION’ category ‘information’ channel).  The very first message in that channel, which is also pinned, is a role assigning bot named ‘’.  To gain access to the rest of the Hack-A-Thon channel, react using the setting emote to self assign your role as a hacker for the Hack-A-Thon.

If you would like to participate in the Super Smash Bros Tourney, please see the Casual Events section of this document.

We decided to set it up this way so that way people who do not want to attend the Hack-A-Thon won’t be spammed with messages.  So please be courteous and only use the Hack-A-Thon channels for Hack-A-Thon related questions, content, and concerns.  Thank you for understanding!


Below is a link to our schedule for the event, including the Zoom Links that are needed to join:

Prizes and Theme

Our theme for this Hack-A-Thon is Virtual Communities!  Ever since the pandemic started, virtual communities have popped up everywhere in an effort to satisfy in-person social interactions.  Therefore, we thought it would be appropriate to see the cool and creative hacks you can come up with to help solve this ongoing issue.

The prizes are as follows:

  1. Best Hack for Friends

  2. Best Hack for Neighbors

  3. Best Hack for Co-Workers

  4. Best Product Pitch

Numbers 1-3 require some sort of technological proof of concept but Number 4 was deliberately designed so that inexperienced hackers, such as freshmen who joined Towson this year, can join in on the fun and win a prize.  For all hacks, we recommend recording a demo of your final submission (or your pitch).

The prize for each category is a $50 virtual Amazon gift card.  Please note that if you decide to submit a hack as a group we will be sending only one gift card to the person who submitted the hack.  It will be up to your group to equally distribute this prize.  This is because we are purchasing these gift cards prior to the Hack-A-Thon.

Rythm Bot

There are a few voice channels that have been made for different purposes such as hangout, help, and general.  If you are in a casual chat (like the hangout voice channel) you can use the newly added Rythm bot to play music from sources like YouTube.

If you would like to know the commands to play music, please refer to this command list:

Casual Events

If you would like to participate in the Super Smash Bros Tourney we have scheduled for Friday night, you will need to sign up prior to the Hack-A-Thon starting.  This is because we are working with the Smash@TU organization for this event and they are requiring this.

To signup, please create an account and register here:

The other casual events will be more laid back, you can drop in and watch, listen, or participate at any time.